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See What Everyone is Saying About Nexgen
I bought my first bottle of NEXGEN out of curiosity to see if it really can be as good as they claim.... and it is!!! Goes on easy and creates an amazing top coating. I don't think I'll ever wax my car again!
Amazing Ceramic Spray
This product is just amazing.
Been using it for a month now and my car as never looked this good. Goes on and with ease and gives you an instant protection and shine.
This S**t Works
I have used it on my '67 Mustang and my '56 Thunderbird. My friend used it on his '65 Mustang and it is nothing short of wow! Smells good too. So far, everyone of my friends that has tried it, wants some.
Damn Good Stuff.
I've tried 3 different ceramic sprays on my truck and this one KILLS the others. Shines like crazy, doesn't streak, and really repels water like it shows in the video.
Best Ceramic I've Used
This is crazy how well it works super slippery. And a great shine. Will be buying more . Ohh and I also did the snowmobile
So far it’s the best stuff I have come across!! A bit pricey for the volume we get. Wish the bottle was bigger for the price, but very great product
Wow Really Works
I saw an ad for Nexgen on Instagram and I decided to check it out. This stuff really works even better than it shows in the video. I already told my husband and we bought 3 more bottles!
Clear, Clean, and Shiny
I just used my first coat of Nexgen and I must say I'm very impressed. It sprays on clean with no greasy residue being left behind. Living in Georgia we have bugs and construction on all the major interstates and my car is still nice and clean. Will be purchasing another bottle soon.
I purchased a bottle of Nexgen after researching numerous vendors claiming ‘one bottle’ protection. Of course I was skeptical, but after using the product on my F-150, I won’t be purchasing any other products....it performs better than advertised.
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